93GreenStyle & RugbySound

93GreenSyle & RugbySound


#evolveyourstyle #evolveyourmusic

It all started 20 years ago, when some kids - just like us - started following a dream: to make a rugby party one of the most important musical events of the Italian summer.

And they succeeded.

Gigantic names have passed on the stage of the #RugbySound: Elio and Le Storie Tese, Skunk Anansie, Salmo, Fabri Fibra, Planet Funk, Subsonica, JAx and the Articolo31 and I could go on, but it would take too many lines..





The last two years have been tough for everyone, from children to the economy, from sports to holidays, from people to #MUSIC.

But in this 2022 Rugby Sound will be back to breaking ground.”.

On the stage of Legnano, among others, the #LITFIBA will go up 

for their historic LAST GROUP, the last tour of their career. But, passing through Gemitaiz and Zarro Night, there will also be a phoenix:e:


with his CAOS, an album that, after 5 years of silence, returns to asphalt all the pseudo rappers of the scene: I've been killing rappers for twenty years but I'm not a criminal / I organize a funeral / After 64 bars, 64 coffins are needed.re”.

This year we will be on that stage too!

Indeed we will be on the island of the Castle for all 10 + 1 days of the Festival: yes, why# 93GreenStyle this year it will beofficial sponsor of the coolest rock event of the summer.

We have designed a new capsule collection of light sweatshirts, for summer evenings, and T-shirts, in collaboration with one of the most important street artists in Lombardy and perhaps in the country.We are waiting for you from all over Italy, as always happens at Rugby. Sound, to dress up your desire for music..


AngeloPhCucchi -93GreenStyle-