Style, fashion and music, an indissoluble bond, which has always been.

"People see you before they hear you, and when they look at you, something must already ring in their head (Jon Batiste))

Images & Words.

Fashion & Music & 93GreenStylee

You can say what you want, but for the last 100 years, the image in addition to the message you want to convey, helps to stand out and reinforce the message itself and, sometimes, no matter how right, or good, or praiseworthy is the message.

Think of the various Prince, David Bowie, the same - especially them - Beatles! and to stay in the present day Tupac, Eminem, the various Sfera Ebbasta, Ghali, Mahmood, Blanco make fashion, you do not follow them only for their music, but also for their image, for what their image communicates. Because you recognize us.i. 

From the Beatles to hip hop, rap, trap and the latter three are the stylistic trends that are and are affirming themselves and where fashion and music come together in a more extreme way. One wonders if the chicken or the egg was born first! and when I talk about fashion I don't just mean a way of dressing, but I mean a trend and, speaking of hip hop music, I mean the emergence of a (suburban) subculture, which is now a real culture

Fashion - but not to confuse withfashion industry- we should say the affirmation of your style, today more than ever, is not just a means you use to declare yourstatus quo, but it is also an expression of an instrument for the formation of communities of young people (the so-calledgeneration Z). Fashion and music are confused and excluded: let's think aboutLove, by Marra and Guè, when they say Vuitton and Prada do not contan nadaa…”

Yes, you will tell me, but here they say that fashion doesn't matter. It's true, but it's not that it really doesn't matter, what doesn't matter is opulence, it doesstatus quo precisely, in comparison to truer values (such as the love ofLove). And the same Marra and Guè do not flaunt dresses ofhaute couture, but they wear oversized sweatshirts, clothes that are relaxed, comfortable, practical, that make you feel at ease on the street, with friends because you don't only experience friends in the theater, or in the rich salons of the industrial bourgeoisie.le.

93GreenStyle is both fashion, or rather STYLE, and music: for this reason we will be sponsors of one of the most important events of the Italian musical summer, the Rugby Sound Festival, on stage alongside names such as Fabri Fibra, Gemitaiz, Rhove, Shiva, Paky , Irama.

Our sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, represent thegeneration Z, represent you who read, and represent the mood of those who created our company, Mattia, born in 1993, the way of living and thinking of us who not only care about the label, but want to feel free. Free to move, not to pack up, to believe and to listen to the music we like best.e.

Our leaders represent that sub-culture (which I don't understand why we still have to call it below) that are the boys and girls like us, like you, the ones for whom being matters more than having, the ones that a real kiss is. better than an expensive car, those thate made in Italy it is not just a way of saying, but a way of believing in it, because we are there. Because we guys do it and you, yes you, you have to listen to us.