Wild ... Why?


I am perhaps a bit agé, and reading WILD, the first time Mattia showed me the name of our new capsule, I thought of Mickey Rourke and his Harley; the movie was Rusty the Savage and it wasn't exactly about freedom.’è.

Then, thinking about us: to Mattia, at 93GreenStyle, I think I understand the reason for that WILD.D.

Wild is nature, in its most literal and positive meaning. Wild are those who do not conform to the crowd, those who know how to feel good alone, as with others, those who let themselves be guided by instinct, those who cannot be forced.. 

Going back in memory, I also remembered a book by David Almond and Dave McKean more a graphic novel than a novel, written for a young audience (me that many adults should also read to understand how kids feel today and to speak their language).”).


In thisnovel it tells of that anger, that uncertainty, that pain that one carries inside when one is young, between the ages of 14 and 20, it tells of that desire to give a fuck about the rules, the schemes, the people. It tells of that need to be not at the center of fashion, but on the edge, flaunting one's originality, one's own nature, the different one.”.

Today the uncertainties, instead of decreasing thanks to well-being (), to technology within everyone's reach, seem to be more and more. Not least the COVID pandemic and, now, the war make everything seem uncertain. More and more..

Fashion has always been one of the means by which one's belonging to a social group was demonstrated, even in negative terms: I do not belong to that group, I am not part of the crowd.

And today, in a modern era, in a fashion society, where fashion tells us how to dress, what the woman of 202 will be like, how the new man feels and how he is - often offering us definitions in which we do not recognize ourselves - many trends they tried to reaffirm individuality, against the flattening of all the same. They have become phenomenaomeni pop the urban subcultures offreestyler, of thewriter, of theskater, guys who wanted to affirm their being wild.”.

And we at 93GreenStyle feel a little like this: free to design and dress in our own way, without the pretense that our style has to be liked, but sure that someone - thesavages like us- will like it.

The WILD line was born for this reason, following the inspiration lines of a comfortable but not scruffy clothing, with simple and, at times, strong colors; with garments that resultcross, to put at school, but also to go out with friends, during the day, in the evening No, we do not do high fashion, we do not parade on the catwalks of the various fashion weeks, we do not transform what culture popAndhip-hop they have created something against the tide in a consumer product: we are strays, we want to be ourselves and be comfortable.i.

We are so WILD..