Yes, 93GreenStyle vs fashion system:we are streetwear!

On STREETWEAR we wrote in a previous article, citing Virgil Abloh and what has been defined as the inventor of this style: Shaw Stussy..

In saying what is definitely NOT streetwear, we have defined that it is not apparel-mall, that is, it is not the type of clothing that is normally found in shops and department stores Ok you say, but so what do you really want to tell usdavvero?”

You are right, the initial sta menata has a goal, but some premises are needed::

  • streetwear doesn't necessarily mean runaway clothinga”
  • Virgil Abloh, let's not forget, was the artistic director of Louis Vuitton
  • Off-White itself was a luxury companyo”
  • the intent of streetwear is to communicate who we are.
  • That streetwear is not apparel-mall can also be understood from the prices that some garments have, ok, but reducing streetwear to the luxury clothing that someone wears to go to the tubs in the center of Milan, to be (and feel) cool following the fashion of the moment, in my opinion, is also like denying streetwear and its hip-hop matrix.p.
  • The fashion system aims to sell (and make money, a lot of money) and to do so it swallows and chews social and cultural movements and trends, to tell us how we should dress next”.
Milano Fashion Week: un'edizione phygital - Il Punto Quotidiano

Given the premises, the recent New York fashion week, the next Milanese one and (obviously) those that will follow have seen almost all the big brands, the so-called fashion houses, propose their idea of streetwear to the point that - a few days ago - presenting our collections, I heard and you call this streetwear, perhaps because we don't offer the usual cool outfits.ighetti.

93GreenStyle was born in Legnano which, for those who don't know, is the city of Gianfranco Ferré

Il giorno e la storia: 15 agosto 1944 - Nasce Gianfranco Ferrè: da grande  faccio il farmacista, anzi no… - LegnanoNews

 (in high school I was in class with his nephew) and what I like (we like, we at 93GS) of Gianfranco is that he has never been swallowed up by the fashion system, always remaining faithful to himself.



We decided to do the same: remain faithful to the spiritfree, wild streetwear and its origins.

So yes: a sweatshirt IS STREETWEAR. The way of dressing a skater's shawl, of a writer IS STREETWEAR.R.

93GREENSTYLE IS STREETWEAR. And it is in its most original form. We don't dress just to be seen, to let people know what cool jacket we bought, we dress to let people know how we think, because we like to be different, because fashion is ok, but on the table I want to be free to move - Ok fashion, but when I make a Throw-up, when I make a Panel I have to be comfortable, free to move, free to express myself.rimermi”.

Interviste Graffiti Writers | Throw Up Magazine

We are creatives, our founder is, and as such we want to communicate what we care about.

Green is in our name, Green is our commitment - and our affiliation with TreeNation is proof of it -, Green is our ideas that take us back to the WILD side we often forget.o.